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On Believing in God — 2 Comments

  1. Wonderfully written! The mother-father-brother metaphor is a perspective I had not considered in my defense of God, yet it is a remarkably sharp one! Especially considering I rarely debate with the “philosophical” crowd, but rather with my everyday social network. Thanks!

  2. Thanks. And I’m glad you found that helpful.

    I think there are very strong arguments for, and evidence of, the existence of God.

    But I think talking this way does skew things in such a way as to suggest that whether one should believe or not is dependent on how good one’s arguments are. But I don’t think that’s actually the way it works. In fact, most of what we sensibly believe and know (like that I have fingers, or that I ate breakfast this morning, or that 3 is more than 2) is not based on arguments. It’s based on experiences that tell us directly that these things are true, not inferences. The same could be true of our knowledge of God.

    (For this insight, I and the philosophical community are indebted to my mentor Alvin Plantinga – who taught us that as far as anyone can prove, belief in God could be “properly basic.”)

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